Change….or change.

Counselors, motivators…must be joking when they say that people get into a marriage not to change each other but to complement each other.



Eat less

People eat less because they are on diet. I eat less because I want to conserve money so that I can pay others.

Such is life.

I wonder…

Money has not been easy for us… for ever since I can remember. We are always financially tight. Made me wonder whether we have been doing things that He does not bless 🙁. But it could also be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps, our hisab in the hereafter will be faster because not much to be asked about where and what we spend our money on.

Wallahu a’lam…

I wonder…

…for all the things that I went through and all the sacrifices that I made, are all these worth it?

One mistake and all the good things that you did, are forgotten.

And why is that lady copying whatever that we do? She uses the same program name, she conducts similar programs, and now, uses the word “Academy” for her business? Where is her originality???? 😤

I am in Bangi (MPWS) again for my weekend Add Math tutorial. Today I’ve decided to assign questions for the students to do in front of the class and get them to answer questions from other students. I hope they are not intimidated by this approach. I believe by sharing and answering questions from others, it will only strengthen their understanding. =)


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