Earlier at around 9.20pm, Syaima’ called me. She said she left some code to SK (which I don’t understand what she was talking about) and asked for my help to get the code for her. She said it was under her musical box. So, I went inside her room and searched for it. And guess what? I found this:

first clue


Hahaha… okay. So, I went to where she always sit and searched the table and I found another heart shape message underneath a photograph of her and Cipak:

photo adik and cipak

2nd clue

Grinning, I went to search for the next “love letter”. And I found this:

the message

Made me grin even wider. That’s so sweet and very thoughtful of her. I immediately texted her and told her I love her very much. It’s simple but it means a lot to me. I truly love my kids. They have been nothing but a blessing from the Almighty. May He protect them always and may they be blessed here in life and in the hereafter. Ameen!! ❤



PRU14 is tomorrow. Yup! Esok – 9 Mei, 2018.


Ramai yang excited nak pegi mengundi buat kesekian kalinya. Tapi ada juga yang tak ambik kisah. Keluar mengundi ataupun tidak, tiada beza bagi mereka. Rasa nak luku kepala orang2 yang macam ni. Mana boleh tak ada beza? Dengan mengundi tu kita boleh buat banyak perubahan kepada keadaan hidup kita pada hari ni. Kita asyik merungut, mengeluh, mengata dan macam2 tentang keadaan hidup kita pada hari ni. Tapi bila diberi peluang, tak nak pulak rebut peluang tu. Ape ke hey??!! Sungguh aku tak paham (haaaa.. kan dah keluar perkataan “aku” tu! Perkataan “aku” ni jarang2 keluar kecuali kalau aku very the upset!).


Siap la orang2 yang macam ni. Kalau betul korang tak keluar mengundi, dan kalau perubahan tak dapat dibuat disebabkan undi tak cukup, siap la tadah telinga korang semua nanti. Eeeeeeeiiii.. naik geram pulak aku tengah2 malam buta ni.



Sweet surprise

A special treat from that special someone 😍.

Guess I will just stick to blogging when it comes to sharing my happiness on my kids’ successes. There is always that thin line between sharing and showing off, and I don’t think I’d enjoy people judging me as “showing off”.


Anyways, 2 days ago, my youngest was invited to attend the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang in her old school. Finally, she gets to go up the stage. She was elected as the Assistant Head of her class but was denied to go up the stage to accept the appointment because she was due to move to a new school. She was a bit disappointed then. So when she received the invitation, she was so very excited. Aside from the issues created by the school in granting the permission for her to attend the ceremony, everything else was fine. Happy to see her happy. She got to meet her old friends again even though it was just for a short while. I took a video of her accepting her cert and all, but I think I’ll just keep it for my own personal memories’ sake.


Then, yesterday was a huge day for all of us. Syaima’ (my 2nd child) completed her hafazan. She said it was around 10 am.  Alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah… alhamdulillah. She could have completed it 2 weeks ago but she messaged me saying that she wanted to complete it when we’re there in KOPU. She said she will request from her ustazah and as planned, she completed the hafazan of the 30 juzuk on Wednesday, 25th April, 10am. Allahu… I am truly blessed. I wanted to share this big and special moment with others, but I stopped myself. No…I don’t think that’s a good idea. Huhu…


Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.49.55 PM

Syifa’ accepting her cert and gifts for her PT3 achievement.







Change….or change.

Counselors, motivators…must be joking when they say that people get into a marriage not to change each other but to complement each other.


Eat less

People eat less because they are on diet. I eat less because I want to conserve money so that I can pay others.

Such is life.

I wonder…

Money has not been easy for us… for ever since I can remember. We are always financially tight. Made me wonder whether we have been doing things that He does not bless 🙁. But it could also be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps, our hisab in the hereafter will be faster because not much to be asked about where and what we spend our money on.

Wallahu a’lam…

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