Doing it yourself!

“I’m thankful to all those who said NO, because of them, I did it myself.”

~ Albert Einstein


Patience is Key

Doing business is not easy. One has to deal with many uncertainties, be able to take risks (i.e. calculated risks), be patient when faced with issues with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders. Outsiders may see that everything is well and fine. But that’s just that. They only see. They do not know what’s going on inside the business.


I’ve been in business ever since I can remember. I’ve gone into many ventures. And the efforts put in – tremendous. Not just efforts, sacrifices, money, everything that I have, I’ve to put into these ventures to see them work. Unfortunately, He has better plans for me. Only now I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Patience is what I need. If one is not patient, throws the towel when faced with some challenges, he/she will not go far. And I don’t think a friend of mine will be able to go far in business. He throws the towel way too soon. It also makes me feel reluctant to be in any dealings with him in the future.

Semuanya tipu!

Ni yg maleh nak tengok drama melayu ni. Kalau yg romantik tu, charming macam nak rak. Kalau yg evil tu, kalah jin aprit. Mana ada suami yg romantik, so caring, so observant sampai macam tu? Tak realistik betul! Hampeh!

My poster went viral

I should have blogged about this yesterday when it happened 😅. The night before yesterday, I slept at around 2 am trying to complete the poster. Wanted it to be out ASAP because the need was urgent. So around 2 am the poster went out in parents’ Telegram groups and was posted in the FB group page. At around 4 pm yesterday, hubby called. Told me to take down the poster because apparently, the advisor to the Minister saw the poster and made a call to the Principal Director of MARA who then contacted Director of BPM MARA. The latter called the Principal who then called my husband. The Vice Principal also contacted my husband about the poster. Hahaha. Oh my! The power of Internet. But in a way, I felt good. It’s good that those up there are ashamed of what is happening. If it’s not because of the zero budget, this would not have happened. By right, they should be grateful to parents who are always there to help out. How could they allow this to take place? It’s the welfare of the students. The responsibility rests on their shoulders 😤 I better stop now or I’d get upset all over again.

Anyways, below is the said poster.

poster dana pembaikpulihan kopu

My first official class

Today, 16 September, which is also Malaysia Day, marks another major milestone in my life 🙌. I have finally taken the plunge to officially teach Math to students taking the Cambridge Math. My first batch of students consist of 2 Year 9 students (Aniqa & Ilias) and 1 Year 11 student (Aniq). I enjoyed teaching them very much. They were a bit shy though. Hopefully next class they will open up a bit and we can have a more interactive class 😊.

Waiting for the students to arrive

Waiting for the students to arrive

Happiness is…

Happy that everyone is happy.

My friends would normally post their well wishes on their spouse’s birthday or if it was their anniversary. They would post pictures with their husband/wife. They would exchange loving messages for the whole world to be the witness of their love for each other. Sometimes, I wish I could do the same. Just so that the whole world could be the witness of ours too. Unfortunately, my husband prefers to celebrate those special moments in the confines of our small family. Even my own family members sometimes forget when his birthday is because we never announced it. And usually we would only get our anniversary wishes from our 3 children (IF they remember). Huhu..

Oh well, since I can’t post my birthday wish to my husband on Facebook, I think he wouldn’t mind if I post it here since nobody really reads or follows my blog any way.

“Happy birthday, abang. May the Almighty continue to shower you with good health and happiness.  May He ease everything that you do and may you be blessed with success, always. Ameen!”

Photos: Birthday iftar =)

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