I wonder…

…for all the things that I went through and all the sacrifices that I made, are all these worth it?

One mistake and all the good things that you did, are forgotten.

And why is that lady copying whatever that we do? She uses the same program name, she conducts similar programs, and now, uses the word “Academy” for her business? Where is her originality???? 😤

I am in Bangi (MPWS) again for my weekend Add Math tutorial. Today I’ve decided to assign questions for the students to do in front of the class and get them to answer questions from other students. I hope they are not intimidated by this approach. I believe by sharing and answering questions from others, it will only strengthen their understanding. =)


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Caution: This posting is a long one!

Reached home at around 1.30 am this morning. Exhausted but satisfied 🙂

This program was planned as a continuation to the first program that we had last year – Dari Hati ke Hati. We set up mentor-mentee groups during that program. 23 parents volunteered to become mentors to these students until they sit for SPM this year. The objective is to lend our ears to hear out any problems that our mentees have and be a friend to them. The mentors are not there to replace their parents or the homeroom institution that they already have in school. At the end of that program, the students were asked to write a note to the motivator and KSIB. When we read the notes, we unearthed many worries and concerns that these students have. The kids were very frank and these notes broke our hearts.

This year, we only have this one slot if we were to hold our Part 2. Looking at the calendar shared with us by the school, the students will be very busy with academic programs until their exam. So, we came together and after going through various hurdles including the limited budget, we managed to organise the program at Institut Latihan Islam Malaysia (ILIM) which is just nearby the school.

One major difference between this program and the program we had last year was the involvement of parents. Firstly, there’s a specific slot for parents. Secondly, the attendance of parents to the program. We had around 100 parents yesterday, which is a really remarkable turnout. The motivator (Ustaz Alang) made us realised that in carrying out our duties as parents, we have made many mistakes without us realising it. It turned out that the night before, when he had his session with the students, he made them open up on their fears when it comes to their parents. Their top most fear about their parents is “divorce”. In this slot, the motivator made us realise that after years of marriage we have started to take our spouse for granted. We seldom praise our spouse. We seldom utter the word “I am sorry”. We seldom say “thank you” and we also seldom say “I love you”. Parents need to instill a loving relationship because a loving relationship will create a very positive environment for the children. Parents must be role models to their children to the extent that if they want to choose their life partner, they will say they want to have a wife who is like Ibu or they want to have a husband who is like Abah. Oh… talking about life partner, Ustaz Alang also uncovered from his session with the students that majority of them has started to have crushes, secretly. So, that’s another eye opener. These children are no longer kids. They are already in their teens so naturally they will have such feelings. Ustaz Alang also told parents to praise their children the first time they see their children, instead of talking about the increased number of zits on their children’s face 😅. Parents must learn to appreciate their children, must learn to acknowledge that their children are putting in efforts to excel in their studies and to please their parents. So, Ustaz Alang suggested that when the students walked back into the hall and went up the stage, all parents take photos of these students. I think the students were very surprised when they were suddenly being treated like celebrities when they walked into the hall. Hahaha…

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the program has been very successful, despite the minor hiccups here and there. It reached all the stakeholders – students, parents and teachers. To achieve success, all these stakeholders must be addressed because success requires teamwork. InsyaAllah, we will all do better and we will all improve on what we lacked.

Personally, I feel blessed to be part of this program. Alhamdulillah…

p.s.: a more detailed recount of this program complete with photos can be read from my FB posting at https://www.facebook.com/norhaliza/posts/10156192708828628

group photo - students


Today I took time out from work. Usually, I work on weekends and I even work on public holidays. But last night, I felt like taking the time off today, which is a public holiday (Thaipusam). So, I messaged the parent asking her if it’s OK to cancel the class today and she said OK.

So, we took the MRT to KL Sentral. My husband and I lingered around while our youngest treated her friends lunch.

I felt so grateful to the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the moment. It may be nothing to others but to me, it was a great something. Just sitting there enjoying my ABC while reading “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” 😄.


“maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan…”

Things adults say…

Somehow I’ve to blog about this. Must be interesting to read this in the future. And to find out how this one parent has changed then.

It so happened that today it rained quite heavily in MRSM Kota Putra. So, some parents were incensed that the guard did not allow them to drive straight up to the dorms. So, being me, I quickly explained to them that it’s the regulation which the guards have to abide. They can’t simply bend the rules. They have been instructed not to allow cars to go in, so they just have to follow instructions. I also took the opportunity to suggest what they can do, i.e. call up the TP HEP and get his approval, and get him to instruct the guards to allow cars to go in.

Here’s the screenshot of what I wrote, and backed up by another parent:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.26.13 PM

And guess what the parent replied? Here’s the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.23.31 PM

Oh my! “kalah ayat pengetua sekolah”? Is this the kind of mentality that our parents have? I find it very disgusting and immature.

I have been a parent of MRSM Kota Putra since 2012. I knew what transpired that resulted in such regulation. It’s due to a parent’s behavior as well. As a result, the school has taken precautionary steps not to allow parents’ vehicles in. However, parents can park their cars in the parking lot next to the guard house.

When I shared my disappointment, my husband reminded me of this hadith:

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with them) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The believer who interacts with people and is patient with them is better than the one who does not mix with people and is not patient with them.” Narrated by Ibn Majah.

I felt an instant relief. Immediately when I got the opportunity (I was driving to my parents’ house when he reminded me of this hadith), I posted this hadith on my FB. Hope it’ll be a reminder for me (in the future) and also to everyone else who reads my postings.

Well… that’s about it for now. Got to prepare for my class tomorrow before I go to bed. Ciao!

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